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NameValorant Mobile APK
PublisherRiot Games
RequireAndroid 5.0 and up

download Valorant Mobile apk

Valorant Mobile is a first-person shooter (FPS) role-playing game invested and developed by Riot Games. Players will exploit the potential of their characters, cooperate with teammates in 5vs5 matches and discover a variety of powerful weapons. Ten players will be divided into two teams, including Defender and Attacker, fighting on a map with many areas. Each match will have 25 rounds, and each game will last about 1 minute 40 seconds and add 30 seconds to buy items in the middle. Each team will have to complete a target task such as placing bombs, destroying bombs, or destroying all enemies to win. The total result if the team that wins 13 rounds will win the overall and receive the reward.

In Valorant Mobile, the characters are called Agents, and currently, the game offers 12 agents divided into four groups, including Duelist, Senintel, Initiators, and Controller. Each agent has four skills, including two free skills and two skills to be purchased. In addition to skills, players can use 18 more weapons, such as pistols, rifles, knives, etc. Valorant Mobile also has many battle maps designed in modern or ancient style, and they will have affluent battle areas to help players have a great experience. In addition, the developer Riot Games provides many costumes for the characters to refresh the game. That is also part of the business content that the developer wants to work towards in the future.

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