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NameTorchlight: Infinite APK
PublisherXD Entertainment Pte Ltd
RequireAndroid 6.0 and up
Rated for7+ years

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Torchlight: Infinite is an engaging action role-playing game (ARPG) from developer XD Entertainment Pte Ltd for mobile. This game takes place 200 years after the events of Torchlight II in the Ember technology era. Players will assume the role of a warrior with extraordinary strength, participating in epic quests to defeat the forces of darkness and save the world. The game offers five heroes, including MOTO, Carino, Rehan, Gemma, and Youga, for players to choose at will. You can also adjust 24 talent trees and activate more than 180 special combat skills from the heroes. Torchlight: Infinite also has a diverse equipment system with 300 armor sets, 500 different weapons, and thousands of other great equipment. In addition, players can also summon a pet to accompany them, assist in combat, and help them carry picked-up equipment.

Torchlight: Infinite has an engaging story consisting of three chapters that players can stick to complete quests. You can adventure through multiple locations, fighting many monsters to reach level 50. The player can continue to advance deeper into the Underworld with seven difficulty levels and various bosses at the end of each zone, and you can continue to increase to a maximum level of 99. This game has good graphics, impressive maps, beautiful skills, and many other attractive elements. You will need a good device to experience it.

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