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NameSoul Knight Prequel APK
RequireAndroid 4.4 and up
Rated for3+ years

download Soul Knight Prequel apk

Soul Knight Prequel APK is an action RPG game developed by ChillyRoom for mobile, and it is also an additional sequel to the Soul Knight universe. This game takes place in the pre-Soul Knight era, so players will fight with primitive weapons and ancient magic instead of using guns. Players will assume the role of a knight to go on adventures across the continent and fight many monsters to restore peace. Here, players can meet the heroes so familiar from Soul Knight, but they will have a new shape and strength. Each character will have 3 skill trees to choose from, but they are only allowed to bring up to 3 skills out of dozens of skills available to fight.

Players can collect hundreds of more pieces of equipment by opening chests or winning bosses, and you can easily distinguish them by colors such as blue, purple, yellow, etc. In addition, you can also continue Power up heroes with short-acting items and elixir that grant healing, strength, defense, and more.

Soul Knight Prequel has significantly changed graphics compared to the previous part, and the pixel style has been dramatically improved, making the game have a more cartoon design. The game also focuses on upgrading skills and effects to make the combat more impressive. The game will still try to keep things to a minimum to ensure its trademark fast and smooth gameplay.

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