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NameProject: Fighter APK
PublisherTencent Games

download Project Fighter apk

Project: Fighter APK is an action-adventure game co-developed by Tencent, Bandai Namco, and MoreFun for mobile. The world-famous One Piece manga series inspire this game, and it allows players to transform into their favorite characters to play in RPG battles. You will change into familiar characters such as Luffy, Nami, Zoro, etc. These characters will have unique skills that players can use in fighting. Players will step by step overcome challenges, collect rewards and improve character skills to discover more fascinating stories inside.

Project: Fighter has simple controls and is suitable for touch screens. Players just need to press round buttons to use attacks and combine skills. Most of the game involves simple 2D graphics, but sometimes the character uses skills, and the player can admire some 3D scenes. This game also uses Unreal Engine 4 technology to enhance visual smoothness, skill effects, and many other parts of the game.

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Project: Fighter is in development, and it will be coming to mobile soon. The developer has released an exciting trailer with many beautiful scenes that excite many players. Now, you can follow our article to be able to download it as soon as it launches.

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